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Video Archive

Prospective applicants: Please view the contents of at least some of these videos to insure that the material being taught interests you. These videos give a pretty comprehensive insight to what training consists of, and gives a rough idea of the number of variations that can be covered per technique. This material is all basic so if you can't handle this, perhaps the classes aren't for you.

Successful Applicants: you are expected to keep on top of your own training in your own time. These videos include most of the fundamentals, and so it is encouraged that you watch and absorb the contents as much as possible so that you do not fall behind in class time. There's lots of information to cover in every class, and lack of dedication will have a big effect on your performance, and the performance of your training partners.


Political Intro                        Content Intro


Entries (Masukan)                     Part 1                    Part 2                    Part 3                   Hand Drills


Takedowns (Kerjatuhan)        Part 1                    Part 2                    Part 3                    Part 4                    Part 5


Knife Defence                            Part 1                    Part 2                    Part 3


Knife Fighting                            Part 1                    Part 2


Stick Combat                              Part 1                    Part 2


Machete Intro                             Part 1                 


Harimau Intro                             Part 1                    Part 2


Max Greene
Chief Instructor

3rd Dan - ICQC
2nd Dan - TKD, Jujitsu,

                Silat, Kali
Qualifications recognised by: