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Aspects of the following arts are taught within Fractal Fighting Arts:


Pencak Silat: Silat forms the core of most of our training. The main systems taught include Harimau, Kari, Serah Bandung and Cimande Serah, though other systems such as Buaya, Cikalong, Madi, Pamonyet, Rikesan and others are often touched upon. Some modern Silat systems have become more sport oriented in recent years, however, we tend to focus mainly upon the practical fighting aspects (bela diri), traditional forms (jurus), applications (buah) and drills. Silat also includes extensive use of the knife and machete and forms the basis for all blade training.


Kali: Traditional Kali forms the basis of our stick and baton training. Students are taught striking angles, disarms and grappling techniques throughout the syllabus. Aspects of kali empty hand and blade work is also frequently taught. This often shares many similarities with Indonesian Silat systems, however, they are actually extremely different in terms of their mentality and body mechanics. They should not be considered the same thing.


Denkou Jujitsu:  A versatile Jujitsu system incorporating techniques from both "traditional" Jujitsu including Striking (Atemi), Grappling (Tuité) and Pressure points (Kyoshu) and Modern Jujitsu derivatives such as ground grappling techniques similar to those seen in BJJ.
Denkou Jujitsu has both sport and street applicable aspects and is largely an unarmed combat system.


Integrated Close Quarters Combat: Broad ranging combat system focussing on everything from empty hand techniques (striking, locking, throwing, ground fighting) to weapons techniques (baton, knife, machete).


Max Greene
Chief Instructor

3rd Dan - ICQC
2nd Dan - TKD, Jujitsu,

                Silat, Kali
Qualifications recognised by: