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Fractal Fighting Arts does not use a traditional belt system. As it is an advanced development program, most practitioners already have a number of belts in various other martial arts systems. Instead, the Fractal Syllabus is comprised of 3 macro-levels, each containing a wealth of knowledge that the student is expected to learn. The depth of knowledge within each of these levels allows greater flexibility in training, providing students with far more options to play with while still maintaining "relevance" to their next grading.

Indonesian terminology is frequently used to describe techniques, but this is not expected to be learned by students.

The syllabus for each of the levels can be found Below:








Downloadable in word format here


Terminology list here

Max Greene
Chief Instructor

3rd Dan - ICQC
2nd Dan - TKD, Jujitsu,

                Silat, Kali
Qualifications recognised by: