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Hosting a Seminar


Hosting a seminar has a number of associated perks. It allows an introduction to the fractal syllabus in the absence of any formal training commitments. The host is allowed to choose the topic area of the seminar. It offers a great training opportunity for both the host, his/her students and usually helps to boost their clubs reputation within their local area.

Running a seminar usually pays for itself. The seminar fee per individual will be agreed upon while booking the seminar. The total from the seminar will be split 70% to the instructor and 30% to the host, which will usually cover the cost of running the seminar, often with a profit left over for the host. More attendees means more profit.


The Host's job

        1) Specify the general topic area
                    As it is the host that will be bearing the cost of the seminar, they have the right to dictate the subject matter of the
                    seminar: eg. knife defence, knife combat, flexible weapons, ground fighting etc.

        2) Provide a venue
                    This can be a martial arts school, sports club etc. or even as simple as a local park, back garden, garage or living

        3) Promote the event
                    Particularly if the seminar is an open event (the vast majority of cases) invitations should be extended to as many
                    schools in the surrounding area as possible. An automatic benefit of this is that it encourages networking within local
                    martial arts communities, and will tend to boost the reputation of the host.

        4) Provide accommodation, meals and travelling costs
                    This is not expected to be more than the bear minimum. No 5 star hotels will be required.


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Max Greene
Chief Instructor

3rd Dan - ICQC
2nd Dan - TKD, Jujitsu,

                Silat, Kali
Qualifications recognised by: